“Onsite helped us transform our safety culture, drive down
injuries and cultivate better relationships with our workforce.”


With over 30 years of experience in the occupational health field Onsite Innovations medical directors provide oversight for all medical decision making with regard to patient treatment – injured workers, return to work evaluations, surveillance examinations, post offer physical examinations and non-occupational issues. The medical director recommends and works in collaboration with all specialists who treat all injured workers, will also provide additional medical program enhancements and individual case management on all complex injuries that are sent to outside specialists. The medical director also takes after hours call 24/7, 365 days per year directing medical management of all injured workers in off hours mitigating emergency room utilization of non-emergent injuries and over treatment of employees being seen in the emergency room.

Onsite works with their clients in a consultative manner to help design and operate on site medical facilities and free-standing medical facilities on a national and international level. We also work specifically to provide medical services to CCIP and OCIP wrap up programs for large construction sites. This program provides a cost containment solution so that medical costs and injury care can be provided in a timely and effective manner.