“Onsite helped us transform our safety culture, drive down
injuries and cultivate better relationships within the workforce.”



Our Onsite Health IQ Model™ is a smarter approach to workplace care. Driven by a team of onsite occupational health specialists, we attack the drivers of healthcare costs with an integrated set of services and the flexibility to meet the individual needs of each business we serve. Onsite medical personnel understand the complexities and stresses of the workplace and can implement specific programs to promote a healthier workforce that is more productive and engaged.

Through our proven model we:

  1. Engage workers, demonstrating our commitment to the highest standard of personalized care.
  2. Identify and educate a network of preferred providers about our customers’ businesses and treatment best practices.
  3. Develop a set of standard protocols for administering required exams, reporting procedures and testing programs.
  4. Create intelligent processes for injury care, case management and return to work program.
  5. Implement a set of practical measures to identify trends and track success.
  6. Continually identify and apply best practices and maintain a safety focus throughout every aspect of the model to ensure ongoing improvement.

Our approach has been proven to increase workforce engagement, workplace care and business productivity all while lowering overall healthcare costs. It’s a better way. It’s smarter health care at work.