“They bring together a lot of services that
would typically take multiple vendors.”


For more than two decades, Onsite Innovations has been providing smarter occupational healthcare services to organizations ranging from manufacturing to professional services firms. The company’s unique and tailored approach has been effective in managing workforces both large and small. Led by its founder Dr. Lawrence J. Goren, MD, Onsite Innovations has blossomed into a truly nationwide practice serving many Fortune 1000 clients and operating more than 100 health clinics in 40+ states.

Lawrence J. Goren, MD

Founder and Medical Director, Onsite Innovations

For the last 30 years, Dr. Goren has developed quality workers’ compensation management programs.  He has tailored health promotion services to organizations ranging from manufacturing to services firms, with employee populations from 50 to 10,000.

Dr. Goren is a recognized leader in the field of occupational health and is frequently called upon as a presenter at health conferences.  Since founding Onsite Innovations he has been dedicated to continually working with clients to finding a better way to provide onsite health services. He has written numerous articles on health management, and has had the Onsite occupational health program cited in The Workers’ Compensation Bureau Quarterly as a model program.  He has held the appointment of corporate medical director at a number of major corporations.